Artikel des Monats

Item of the month 03/19: LED-Badge “Backlite” (Item No. 1440)

(Not) Only for VIPs! The brandnew backlighted LED-Badge necklace makes everyone shine in a bright light!In Addition to the commen on-/off-function, more light functions (flashing and shining) can be chosen by push button. The insert cards are individually printed in full colour and can be changed if required. The necklace offers a safety lock for sure, additional print can be done on the badge’s frame. The housing can be produced in OEM colours on request.

Item of the month 11/18: Safety Light “Reflector” (Item No. 4334)

Simple to use and with great effect – there is no way to fail to see the Safety Lights “Reflector”! Simply fix them by velcro or magnet on clothing, cap, (school) bag, bike or wherever you like, and your little helper with big protection skills will never let you be alone in the dark. In addition to the reflective surface (available in several colours), the built-in LEDs can be activated by push button, and different flashing modes are for choice. The Safety Lights are available in three lengths, next to red or white LEDs, other LED colours are possible, too. For sure, individualization can be done, and the batteries are exchangeable for long-time use.

Item of the month 10/18: Display “Cinema Light Box”

Looking for a hot deco element? With our “Cinema Light Box”, you found the right one! The backlighted display boxes in retro style are an eye catcher that will never get boring. As the letters are exchangeable, new messages can be created at any time. A basic set of 90 letters, fitting to the boxes size, is added to every box, individual symbols or logos can also be produced on request. The boxes are available in different sizes, power supply is done by batteries or USB. An additional logo can be printed on the box, delivery in individual packing is also possible.

Item of the month 09/18: LED-Balloon “Sparkle” (Item No. 2805)

Shining and twinkling together with the stars, that is our new LED-Balloon „Sparkle“. Used as give-away, for decoration or sale, everyone’s attention is attracted by its beautiful lights. The LEDs are fixed at the balloon right after inflating it, if it is ordered with the matching stick, the stick can be decorated with the lights as well. The balloon’s standard size is ca. 18 inch, other sizes are available on request. It is suitable for filling with helium or air. The LED-wires can be removed for multiple use, or even for other purposes like for example decoration. For direct delivery from the factory, the LED colours can be chosen, print on the balloon is also possible.

Item of the month 07 + 08/18: Powerbanks (Item No. 5400)

These power banks are made for more! Beside their task as “mobile socket”, our power banks will light up your promotion! As soon as the power banks starts its work, the logo (directly printed on the surface or as inlay) starts shining – just until the charging is finished. But that is not enough: Dependent on the model, the power banks offer several additional functions, i.e. as outdoor lamp, emergency light or phone holder. Charging is done as usual by power supply system, some models are equipped with an extra solar module. Different capacities are available, individual packing is for sure possible.

Item of the month 06/18: Flashing Basecaps (Item No. 3601 – 3603)

New-fashioned – looking for a real eyecatcher, you get caught by the lights of the flashing basecaps! Logos are not only individually stitched but also accented by optical fibres or LEDs to draw everyone’s attention on it. Or show the logo fully illuminated by EL technique with separate light sectors and colours as well as different flashing sequences. Another variation is to have only the sandwich lighting up, either in single colours or multi-coloured, and combine this one with your individual embroidery on the cap. So you can be sure never to loose attention! All models are with batteries fixed comfortably inside the cap and can be replaced easily. The caps are available in different colours, size can be individually adjusted.

Item of the month 05/18: Funny Torch (Item No. 4550)

Perfect to use at home as well as on the road: The new mini-torch is not only light and bright, but also offers multi-flexible use. As keychain, with rope, carbine hook or with magnetic device, this small give-away is your practical companion in everyday life. Next to a large variety of standard patterns, individual shapes are easy to realize do to the PVC-material that is easy to process. Individual print is for sure possible.

Item of the month 04/18 – Laser Pen Promo (Item No. 4161-P)

This one flashes everybody! No matter if completely illuminated or lighting up in parts, the light-up ballpens will surely catch your eye. Different models are available with or without stylus and for sure in various LED and housing colours and also in metallic look. Logos are printed or engraved dependent on the pen’s model. Packing in individual gift box is possible, leads and batteries can for sure be changed.

Item of the month 03/18 – Flashing Lanyard „Lumi“ (Art.Nr. 5115) + Flashing Lanyard „LUMI Plus“ (Art.Nr. 5116)

Looking for something special? If you are in need of a real highlight for your next event, the light-up LED badges are your best choice. Individually engraved and optionally with lightened lanyard that can be personalized as well, you will surely attract everyone’s attention. The badges are available in all common LED colours, offer three different flashing modes and can be changed to sound sensor mode as well. For the lanyards, non-lighting ones are already assembled to the badge on request, alternatively, delivery can be done without lanyard or with an individually printed one.

Item of the Month 01 + 02 /18 – Flashing Bracelet “VIP” (Item No. 1644)

A real eye-catcher, not only for VIPs! The precious bracelet in metal style is not only a stylish accessory, with the light-up lettering, it really attracts everybody’s attention. The metal cover can be toned in several colours, letters and/or logo are individually engraved. Different LED colours with several flashing modes are for choice, colour changing LED is also possible. The bracelet is also available without metal cover, for this one, the lettering is simply engraved in the transparent plastic (similar to item no. 1638).

Item of the month 11/17 – Slap Bracelet (Item No. 1670)

Small item with large effect – Slap Bracelets offers you indispensable assistance for your safety, especially for the winter season. With a simple snap, the bracelets are fixed on your arm, leg, bag or wherever else, another simple push, and the LEDs start flashing. Three different flashing modes are at your choice. Bracelets surface can either be made of cloth or reflective material. As the whole bracelet’s surface can be used for print, larger layouts can also be shown at their best. Fore more items about your safety, please check our website at “promotion/sonderanfertigungen/safety”.

Item of the month 09/17 – Sting Ring (Item No. 1651)

Comeback of a classical – softjelly-rings are actually fully fashionable again. The soft rings contain LEDs that start flashing on a simple push. The rings material is so flexible that it will fit on every finger, no matter if they are thin or thick. For sure, the rings are available in various colours. Small quantities are delivered in assorted colours and are available from stock, so short term delivery can be done easily. Higher quantities can be produced in individual colours furthermore, with shipment directly from the factory right after production. For using the rings as give-aways, they are single packed in polybag and clipped on a customized card.

Item of the month 07 + 08/17 – String Light “Clamp” (Item No. 5124)

The brand new String Light „Clamp“ is not only fit for atmospheric decoration, but can also be used as kind of practical pinboard. Notes, favourite photos, memorabilia or the tickets for the next concert – everything can get fixed easily with the clamps and is ready to take at any time. The rope’s length is about 140cm with 10 illuminated clamps. Different LED colours can be combined just according to the customer’s style, single coloured or multi-coloured is for sure another option. Logo print can be realized easily on the clamps, individual packing is also possible.

Item of the month 05/17 – LUMI Spinner (Item No. 5215)

Just a spin around for your mind! Fidget spinners are hottest trend of the year, offered with LEDs as an absolute Lumitoys highlight! By rotation, fascinating colours will appear creating lots of different patterns, what is perfectly suitable for stress relief and a quick relax of mind. But even as a simple game, LUMI Spinners guarantee lots of fun. Different standard LED- or housing colours are for choice, housing can be produced in individual colours as well. High quality production generates the spinner’s long lasting turning time. There is much space for individual print, furthermore, packing in individually printed box is possible.

Item of the month 05/17 – Bottle Light (Item No. 1824)

Let there be light! The “Bottle Light” is an one-size-fits-all cork with LED at the bottom. Just simply activate it by rotary switch and put it on the bottle, and you have turned even an empty bottle into a fascinating eye-catcher. As an additive to the environment, the Bottle Light does not need any batteries, it is charged by USB. For sure, there are several LED colours to choose from, and individualization is also possible.

Item of the month 04/17 – Bumbag LUMI (Item No. 4178)

The new ultra light bumbag with LEDs and additional reflector stripe offers high wearing comfort and is perfectly made for (outdoor) sports and activities. In spite of its slim cut, it offers enough space to stow i.e. keys or money securely behing the zipper. The adjustable and broad flexi-strap is fixed to a big quick release that works comfortable even if you wear gloves. The ultimate safety plus is the LED lightstreak that guarants protection in the dark. Three different flashing modes can be selected by push button, the bumbag is available either with casual or with storage batteries that can be charged by USB. Different material colours are possible as well as Individualisation.

Item of the month 06/14 – Promo Message Fans (Item No. 4153-P ff.)

A fresh breeze for your promotion! Just in time for the hot summer season, we present you our flashing fans. Due to the individual light signs, these fans are an ultimate eye-catcher – up to four different messages with each 16 characters (incl. space) are played one after another. As a very special feature, temperature or time display can be integrated. Adapted to the customer’s logo, LEDs in red, orange, yellow, green, blue or white colours are available. The housing can be produced in standard or even pantone colours, an additional, individual print is of course possible. Our fans are available as hand-held fans or with stand, battery-operated or with USB connection. Small quantities in neutral colours are usually on stock.

Item of the month 05/14 – Flashing Maracas (Item No. 4174)

Great show for your event! The Flashing Maracas are a guarantor for fun and a cheerful atmosphere. With a convenient size of about 13 cm and practical wristband, they are a highly suitable give-away not only for party and music shows. By vibration switch, the integrated LEDs flash with every rattle and this way set fascinating light effects. LEDs are fore sure available in different colours and – as a very special highlight – also with UV light. For the maraca’s housing, various standard colours can be selected, production according to Pantone is also possible. Its large printing space can be used exclusively for your individual promotion message.

Item of the month 04/14 – USB Pocket Lamp (Item No. 4324)

USB Pocket Lamp is a very special kind of flashlight. It offers an USB connection for charging the storage – in addition to the “classical” way of using a plug or laptop, it is optimized for “mobile” charging by for example solar panel or car adapter. The pocket lamp is available in different sizes and of course as key ring pendant – a companion you never want to miss. It is equipped either with carbine hook or key ring, bigger sizes may also have a hand strap. For individualisation, USB Pocket Lamp offers a large print area. It is available in several standard colours as well as in pantone colours. On request, delivery in individual gift boxes is possible.

Item of the month 03/14 – Flashing Bracelet “Flag” (Item No. 1642)

This month, we present you a flashing bracelet of a special kind. Our shock bracelet “Flag” combines the popular look of the “wishband” with its three separate, individually printable bracelets with a LED-illuminated front cover in a very effective way. Due to the additional light effect, the bracelet can additionally be used in the dark, furthermore, the large cover offers much space for an extra advertising message. For sure, colours of the bracelets as well as the cover’s design are freely configurable, the LEDs are chosen to fit. The bracelets are available with shock activation or sound sensor, alternatively with both modes “flashing + constant light”. The application of the bracelets is easy as the straps are elastic and need not be knotted.

Item of the month 02/14 – Flashing Hat (Item No. 1763 + 1763-P)

Fantastic Highlight not only for the World Cup! In additon to ornating stitched sequins, special light effects are set by integrated LEDs turing the the hat into an extravagant eye-catcher. Three different flashing modes can be chosen by a switch. An implementation of individual motives is of course possible and is realized throught the embordery, the LEDs can be suitably selected, also in different colours. Single coloured hats and of course the “Germany”-hat – just in time for the World Cup – are available from stock.