Shock Light (Art.-Nr. 1631)

Mini Light with 2 High-Power LEDs and shock-activation for flexible and creative use, i.e. to stick, sew on, thread on shoelaces, etc. Different LED-colours available, delivery inc. 3x AG 13 batteries.

Fiber Sticker (Item No. 5160)

Self-sticking fibre optical badges for various uses, i.e. as eyecatcher for POS, decoration, night light, etc., with on-/off switch. Also available with eyelet. Individual print and OEM shapes welcome, many light colours for choice.

Flashing Sticker (Item No. 5160)

Sticker with LEDs, form, print and number of LEDs are OEM produced. Great choice of different LED colours. Can be switched on and off by push button even after sticking.