Lamp + Light

Table Torch “Fibre” (Item No. 5127)

Fibre optical torch with stand as decoration element, single coloured or with colour changing LEDs. Stand is available in various colours, offers much space for individual print.

Touch Light (Item No. 4310)

Super bright LED lamp, simply touch the housing to switch it on or off. Different housing and LED colours availabe, offers much space for individual print.

Logo Torch (Art.-Nr.:)

High quality torch with individual logo function, variable light radius by movable flash head. Extra print possible on request.

Push Light (Art.-Nr.:4163)

LED mini lamp with push button and keychain, various colours available. Large space for individual print.

Multi Purpose Light (Art.-Nr.:4205)

Battery operated LED lamp with flexible rubber band for multi purpose use, different colours availPromotion>Bedruckbare Werbeartikel>Dies & Das, additional print is possible.

Solar Mini Torch (Art.-Nr.:)

Solar generated mini torch with storage cell, keyring or carrabiner. Different housing colours, extra print possible on request.

Mini Light (Art.-Nr.:4201)

Mini lamp with keychain or carrabiner hook, various colours available. Additional print possible.

Minilight Plus (Art.-Nr. 4313)

Mini light with High-Power LED on flexible torch, second money detector LED (UV-light) integrated in housing, magnetic bottom. Individual housing colours possible as well as print.

Pocket Lamp (Art.-Nr.:)

Torch with extra bright LEDs and storage battery, is charged by turning handle (dynamo). Various housing colours available, mini size with key ring, maxi size with mobile charger. Additional print possible.

Light Reflector (Art.-Nr.:1237)

Both sides flashing LED-reflector with key chain or carabiner, various colours available. OEM design and individial print possible.

Book Light (Art.-Nr.:4311)

Mobile booklight with clipper to fix on the book, can also be used as torch. Various colours available, individual print is possible.

Frame Light (Item No. 5125)

Battery-operated mini lamp for flexible placement, perfect fitting as reading light or for decoration. Standard model in bulb shape with different frame colours, large printing space for individualisation. OEM design is of course possible.

Booklight “Eye” (Art.-Nr.:)

Battery operated LED lamp with flexible metall tube for easy fixing, brightness can be regulated by cover flap. Starts shining when opening the flap. Various colours available, individual print possible on request.

USB Pocket Lamp (Item No. 4324)

Pocket lamp with storage battery, charging via USB connector. Different styles and sizes, individual colours possible as well as print.

Solar Torch (Art.-Nr.:)

Solar generated torch with storage cell, operating time max. 60 minutes (dependant on size). Different housing colours, extra print possible on request.

Light Hook (Art.-Nr.:5202)

Carrabiner with integrated LED, different shapes and colours available.

USB Light (Item No. 4314)

Flexible and space-saving lamp with high power LEDs and USB connector, well fitting for i.e. mobile working on laptop. Available in different styles like gooseneck or flexible swivel, individual housing colours possible.

LUMI Torch “Tube” (Item No. 5203)

Mini torch in tube shape, OEM productions concerning shape, print and LED colour can be easily done on this item as well as individual print on standard tube.

USB Car Charger (Art.-Nr.:4323)

USB-charger with additional safety torch (rechargeable) and illuminated, printable advertising space, charging function for USB and torch via cigarrette lighter. Advertising space starts glowing when charging, torch with on-/off-switch. Available in different colours. NEW: Also available without lamp and with illuminated acrylic plate for individual engraving!

Bottle Light “String” (Item No. 1826)

Bottle cork with LED lightchain, different colours available. Individual print possible.

Cap-Light (Item No. 1751)

Clipper fits to every kind of cap, three ultra-bright LEDs, different flashing functions. Push on/off switch, delivery inc. 2x CR2032 batteries (spare: item 1949) Individual colours available on request!

Finger Lights (Item No. 1249)

Ring with LED-beamer for individual logo projection on suitable surfaces. Also available only with LED for fascinating light effects (without logo-projection). One size fits all due to fixing by flexible silicone string. Different LED- and housing colours available, individual print on housing is also possible.

Cap Light “Torch” (Item No. 1752)

Ultra-bright LED-lamp with clipper for quick and safe fixing. Bright light, dimmer and flashing function can be chosen by switch. Different focal length by simple lens shifting, only one hand needed for. Flexible light angle by extra joint. Much space for individual print, OEM housing colours available.

LED Bulb “Rope” (item No. 5126)

Bulb on a rope, can be used everywhere. Simply switched on and off by pulling the bulb. Different colours available, OEM housing colours possible. Offers much space for individual print.

Dream Light “Infinity” (Item No. 5120)

Night- and mood light with infinity effect and colour changing LEDs, individual engraving welcome. Other LED colours are available on request.

Mini Beamer “Ufo” (Item No. 5150)

Mood light with star beamer and colour changing function. Also available with sound, individual print and housing colours on request.

Funny Torch (Item No. 4550)

Ultra-light mini torch made of PVC soft material with integrated LED (push button), useful on many purposes. Customized shapes and individual print can be realized easily, the torch may have an additional strap, keyring or magnet (for easy fixing on surfaces).

Flexi Light “Magnetic Lock” (Item No. 4315)

Safety light for flexible use with white and red LED, most simply fixing by silicone strap and magnetic lock. LEDs are selected by push button, white LED is shining, for red LED, you can choose between flashing and shining. By double magnetic lock, the light can be clipped on (i.e. on clothes) as well as simply attached to magnetical surfaces. Different housing colours are available on request as well as individual print.

Bag Light (Item No. 4510)

Useful light for handbags with light sensor, starts shining automatically for 15 seconds when bag is opened. For clipping or hanging, various shapes and LED colours available. Offer much space for individual print. OEM shapes available on request.

Bottle Light (Item No. 1824)

Bottle cork with LED for illumination of bottles, rechargeable by USB. Conical shape makes it fit on every bottle, on-/off-turn switch. Different LED-Colours available, individual print possible on request.

Bike Light “Budget” (Item No. 4206)

Battery operated LED lamp with flexible rubber band for multi purpose use. Different flashing modes, simple fixing. Various housing and LED colours availabe, additional print is possible.