Flashing Bracelet “VIP” (Item No. 1644)

Broad metal-look bracelet, logo will be engraved individually. Different LED- and housing colours for choice, standard colour shortly available from stock.

LED Badge “Backlite” (Item No. 1440)

Backlit LED Badge necklace with individual insert cards (OEM), full colour printed and exchangeable on request. Necklace with safety lock, individual print on the frame is possible. Available in various housing colours.

Promo Photon Necklace “VIP” (Item No. 5115)

Big-sized LED badge with individual engraving and necklace. Available with three flashing functions or shock- or sound-activation, different LED colours possible. Standard model shortly available from stock, individual engraving included.

Promo Photon Necklace “VIP Plus” (Item No. 5116)

Big-sized LED badge with individual engraving and additional light-up lanyard that is also engravable. Available with three flashing functions or shock- or sound-activation, different LED colours are possible.

Flashing Lanyard “LUMI Plus” (Item No. 1432)

Lanyard with three flashing functions, with clipper, carabiner or keyring. Eye-catching effect by illuminated logo engraving in the necklace, additional print is possible. Various colours available.

Tube Stick XS (Item No. 1289)

Foam bars in different sizes, coated in full length for optimized individual printing results. Single coloured, with colour changing LEDs or own choice of different LED colours possible, different flashing modes available.

Space Sword “LUMI” (Art.-Nr.:1223)

Trendy light sword with coloured LEDs and different flashing modes. 2 x 1,5V Mignon batteries (item no. 1921) required

Promo Laser Pen (Art.-Nr. 4161-P)

Lighting ballpen with or without stylus in various styles, with light-up engraving, individual print, customized inlay or neutral. Different LED colours and OEM housing colours possible.

Powerbanks (Item No. 5400)

Power banks with light at its best: from simply printed up to full colour illuminated customized logo, our power banks are ultimate eyecatchers. Different capacities in various styles and designs are for choice, some with extra functions like booklight, camping or emergency light. Also available with solar panel for eco-friendly charging.

USB Wire “Light” (Item No. 4325)

USB data cable with light chaser effect, electricity becomes “visible” while charging. Depending on the battery level, the light runs fast or slow according to the current flow speed and will automatically switch off if the device is fully charged. Cable can be used for sync and data transfer as well. USB to Micro-USB/lightning connector, suitable for iPhone and iPad amongst others. 31,5 ” in length for optimal placement while connected, different housing and light colours are available, individual print is possible.

Bottle Light “String” (Item No. 1826)

Bottle cork with LED lightchain, different colours available. Individual print possible.

Flashing Crown (Item No. 1330)

Crown with LEDs and rhinestones, one size fits all. Delivery inc. 3x AG13 batteries (spare: item 1945)

LED-Balloon “Sparkle” (Item No. 2805)

Mylar balloon with separate LED wire for creative use, balloon suitable for air as well as for helium. Single coloured or multi-coloured LEDs, individual print on balloon possible on request. Balloon sticks in same design and separate LED-wires are also available.

OEM Glow in the dark (Art.-Nr.:)

Great choice of glow-in-the dark-items, individual print possible on request. NEW: available with fully printed surface ex works!

Finger Lights (Item No. 1249)

Ring with LED-beamer for individual logo projection on suitable surfaces. Also available only with LED for fascinating light effects (without logo-projection). One size fits all due to fixing by flexible silicone string. Different LED- and housing colours available, individual print on housing is also possible.

String Light “Balloon” (Item No. 5123)

Beautiful balloon-lightchain with latex balloons illuminated by LEDs. By special valve device, balloons can be deflated for storing, so multiple use is possible. Balloons can also be changed. Standard lenght 4,15m (10 balloons) and 7,65m (20 balloons), special lengths and different LED- and balloon colours available on request.

Display “Cinema Box”

Illuminated display in “cinema”-style with exchangeable letters and symbols, in various sizes. The respective letter/symbol set is included, special designs are for sure possible. For battery use or mains operation, hanging device.

Basecap “Optical Fibre” (Item No. 3601)

Basecap with individual embroidery, highlighted with fibre optical accents. Logo can be devided in separate areas that may have different light colours, running in several flashing sequences. Cap size is adjustable, many standard textile colours available, individual colours on request.

Basecap “LED” (Item No. 3602)

Basecap with individual embroidery, hightlighted by LEDs. Various flashing sequences are possible with single or multi-coloured LEDs. Different LED colours can be combined in one logo. Cap size is adjustable, many standard textile colours available, individual colours on request.

Basecap “Sandwich” (Item No. 3603)

Basecap with individual embroidery and light-up sandwich. Cap size is adjustable, many standard textile colours available, individual colours on request.

Cap Light “Torch” (Item No. 1752)

Ultra-bright LED-lamp with clipper for quick and safe fixing. Bright light, dimmer and flashing function can be chosen by switch. Different focal length by simple lens shifting, only one hand needed for. Flexible light angle by extra joint. Much space for individual print, OEM housing colours available.

EL-Bowtie (Item No. 1710)

Sequin-embroidered bowtie with three different flashing functions, various light colours available. Adjustable size, quick release for easy dressing. 2x 1,5 Mignon batteries required (item 1921).

EL-Tie (Item No. 1711)

Tie with three different flashing functions, various light colours available. Easy dressing and perfect fitting by zipper technique. 2x 1,5 Mignon batteries required (item 1921).

EL-Cap (Item No. 1707)

Basecap with variable size and three different flashing functions, various light colours availble. 2x 1,5V Mignon batteries required (item 1921).

Dog Leash “Safety” (Item No. 3012)

Dog leash with LEDs and additional reflector strips, three flashing functions selectable by push button. Solid metal carabine and handstrap for secure grip. With batteries or rechargeable by USB. Please ask for further models.

Dog Guard “LUMI” (Item No. 3020)

Safety light with three flashing functions, simple fixing by solid metal clipper hook. Different colours available, individual print possible.

Pet Ball “LUMI” (Item No. 3030)

Rubber ball with rainbow LEDs, motion activated.

Dog Guard “Bone” (Item No. 3021)

Safety light with LEDs and additional reflective surface for even more safety. Three flashing modes, easy fixing by solid metal carabine. Small writing surface at the backside for name or address. Various colours available and individual print possible.

Dream Light “Infinity” (Item No. 5120)

Night- and mood light with infinity effect and colour changing LEDs, individual engraving welcome. Other LED colours are available on request.

Mini Beamer “Ufo” (Item No. 5150)

Mood light with star beamer and colour changing function. Also available with sound, individual print and housing colours on request.

Wine Charm “LUMI” (Item No. 1850)

Decorative LED-Clipper for i.e. wine glasses, several standard shapes available. OEM design and individual print welcome.

Funny Torch (Item No. 4550)

Ultra-light mini torch made of PVC soft material with integrated LED (push button), useful on many purposes. Customized shapes and individual print can be realized easily, the torch may have an additional strap, keyring or magnet (for easy fixing on surfaces).

Fiber Sticker (Item No. 5160)

Self-sticking fibre optical badges for various uses, i.e. as eyecatcher for POS, decoration, night light, etc., with on-/off switch. Also available with eyelet. Individual print and OEM shapes welcome, many light colours for choice.

Table Light “Move” (Item No. 5130)

Counter display in several standard or individual shapes, movement is simulated by special 3D effect.

LUMI Spinner (Item No. 5215)

Finger spinner with LEDs, fascinating lights with lots of different patterns. Available in many standard colours, different LED colours and housing in special colours is also possible. Offers much space for individual print. NEW: with individual LED text!

Flexi Light “Magnetic Lock” (Item No. 4315)

Safety light for flexible use with white and red LED, most simply fixing by silicone strap and magnetic lock. LEDs are selected by push button, white LED is shining, for red LED, you can choose between flashing and shining. By double magnetic lock, the light can be clipped on (i.e. on clothes) as well as simply attached to magnetical surfaces. Different housing colours are available on request as well as individual print.

Slap Bracelet “Lumi” (Item No. 1670)

Slap bracelet with LED, nylon surface and much space for individual print, flexible use is possible due to variable fitting. Two different flashing modes can be chosen by push-button, different LED- and material colours available.

Easy Light “Mini” (Item No. 1091)

Chemical Light for single use, duration ca. 8-10 hours, H = ca. 7cm Individualisation of our “Glow in the dark” – items is possible by print or sticker.

Lumi Light “Safety” (Item No. 4338)

The multi-function safety light offers flashing and steady light mode that can be selected by push button. The LUMI Light is fixed by clipper, for more flexible use, armstrap and necklace can be provides as well. Different LED- and housing colours available as well as individual print.

RC-Bracelet “Silicone” (Item No. 3511)

Remote controlled silicone bracelet with RGB-LEDs, individualization possible. Works only in combination with transmitter (item no. 3501) to choose different light colours and operation modes.

RC-Bracelet “Textile” (Item No. 3510)

Remote controlled bracelet made of woven textile with RGB-LEDs, size adjustable, individualization possible. Works only in combination with transmitter (item no. 3501) to choose different light colours and operation modes.

Valve Light (Item No. 4332)

Valve light suitable for bike and car tire valves by adapter, self-activating on wheel rotation. Different LED colours availble, individual print possible.

Bag Light (Item No. 4510)

Useful light for handbags with light sensor, starts shining automatically for 15 seconds when bag is opened. For clipping or hanging, various shapes and LED colours available. Offer much space for individual print. OEM shapes available on request.

Bottle Light (Item No. 1824)

Bottle cork with LED for illumination of bottles, rechargeable by USB. Conical shape makes it fit on every bottle, on-/off-turn switch. Different LED-Colours available, individual print possible on request.

Bumbag “Lumi” (Item No. 4178)

Ultra-lightweight bumbag with LED’s and additional reflective strips, an excellent safety gain especially in the darkness. Optimized for outdoor sports by slim cut and most comfortable wearing. Three flashing modes can be selected by push-button, different LED colours availble. Adjustable and broad flexi-strap with quick release for comfortable use. Various cloth colours available, individualization possible.

EL-Glasses (Art.Nr. 1706)

Glasses with EL-technology in different colours, various operating modes selectable by switch. Also available with sound sensor on request. 2x 1,5V Mignon batteries required (item 1921)

Star Stick “Deluxe” (Item No. 1315)

Brilliant sparkling star stick with three different flashing modes, delivery inc. 2x 1,5V Micro batteries (spare: item 1925)

Bike Light “Budget” (Item No. 4206)

Battery operated LED lamp with flexible rubber band for multi purpose use. Different flashing modes, simple fixing. Various housing and LED colours availabe, additional print is possible.