Pen Fan (Art.-Nr.:4160)

Ballpen with mini fan, various colours available. Individual print possible on request.

LED Beamer (Art.-Nr.:4165-P)

LED-Beamer in different styles, individual housing possible. Full colour presentation of logo, available with rope, carrabiner or key chain. Extra print possible.

Promo Laser Pen (Art.-Nr. 4161-P)

Lighting ballpen with or without stylus in various styles, with light-up engraving, individual print, customized inlay or neutral. Different LED colours and OEM housing colours possible.

Multi-Beamer (Art.-Nr.:)

LED-Beamer with up to eight different individual motives, with keyring or ballpen. Extra print possible.

Powerbanks (Item No. 5400)

Power banks with light at its best: from simply printed up to full colour illuminated customized logo, our power banks are ultimate eyecatchers. Different capacities in various styles and designs are for choice, some with extra functions like booklight, camping or emergency light. Also available with solar panel for eco-friendly charging.

Laser Pen Rainbow (Art.-Nr.:4161)

Flashing ballpen with rainbow LED and further flashing functions, delivery inc. 3x AG13 batteries (spare: item 1945) Different LED- and housing colours as well as OEM design available on request.

USB Wire “Light” (Item No. 4325)

USB data cable with light chaser effect, electricity becomes “visible” while charging. Depending on the battery level, the light runs fast or slow according to the current flow speed and will automatically switch off if the device is fully charged. Cable can be used for sync and data transfer as well. USB to Micro-USB/lightning connector, suitable for iPhone and iPad amongst others. 31,5 ” in length for optimal placement while connected, different housing and light colours are available, individual print is possible.

Laser Pen Message (Art.-Nr.:4162)

Ballpen with LED running text, up to four messages can be stored at once. Individual programming changeable, pre-programmed on request. Delivery inc. 3x AG13 batteries (spare: item 1945) Different LED- and body colours available on request.

Promo Message Fan USB (Art.-Nr.:)

Mini fan with customized, unchangeable programming with USB connector for PC/laptop, additional time or temperature display possible. With gooseneck, flexible swivel or stand. Different LED- and housing colours available, power supply by USB connector.

Memo-Halter De Luxe (Art.-Nr.:5231)

Memo-holder with clipper and acrylic glass bottom, various LED-colours available, extra print possible.

Memohalter (Art.-Nr.:5232)

Memo-holder with LED, activates when message is put in. Different colours and shapes available, extra print possible on request.

Light-Ruler (Art.-Nr.:)

Flashing ruler in different lenghts and colours, additional print possible.

Booklight “Eye” (Art.-Nr.:)

Battery operated LED lamp with flexible metall tube for easy fixing, brightness can be regulated by cover flap. Starts shining when opening the flap. Various colours available, individual print possible on request.

USB Light (Item No. 4314)

Flexible and space-saving lamp with high power LEDs and USB connector, well fitting for i.e. mobile working on laptop. Available in different styles like gooseneck or flexible swivel, individual housing colours possible.

LUMI Spinner (Item No. 5215)

Finger spinner with LEDs, fascinating lights with lots of different patterns. Available in many standard colours, different LED colours and housing in special colours is also possible. Offers much space for individual print. NEW: with individual LED text!

Light Pen “Idea” (Item No. 4164)

Ballpen with flashing “bulb” for ultimate brain kicks. Shock activation, different colours availble, individual print possible.