Touch Light (Item No. 4310)

Super bright LED lamp, simply touch the housing to switch it on or off. Different housing and LED colours availabe, offers much space for individual print.

Emergency Light (Item No. 4319)

Small warning triangle with high power LEDs for maximized visibility, indispensable safeguard for additional protection from danger points not only at nights. Magnetic back can be opened up for positioning, two different operating modes (flashing and shining).

Emergency Flare (Item No. 4320)

Battery operated emergency flares with additional torch function as optimized safeguard for additional protection from danger points. Maximized visibility by high power LEDs, direct fixing on metallic surfaces (i.e. car roof) possible by magnetic bottom. Attachable stands allow further positioning. Three operation modes (Warning function: red LEDs flashing or shining; torch function: white LEDs shining)

LED-Reflektor Circle (Art.-Nr.:1232)

Flashing LED reflector inc. clipper, available in various colours and shapes. OEM design and individual print possible.

Multi Purpose Light (Art.-Nr.:4205)

Battery operated LED lamp with flexible rubber band for multi purpose use, different colours availPromotion>Bedruckbare Werbeartikel>Dies & Das, additional print is possible.

Emergency Tool (Art.-Nr.:4321)

Multifunctional safety-tool with LED-light, flashing emergency light, emergency hammer, belt cutter, whistle and needle, battery operated. Various colours available, additional print is possible.

Multi-Tool (Art.-Nr.:4322)

High quality keychain (metall) with integrated LED, knife, various screw drivers, bottle opener etc. Different colours available, individual print is possible.

Safety Light “Reflector” (Item No. 4334)

Safety light with reclective surface for flexible use with much space for individual print. One to four LEDs (depending on size), two flashing modes. Fixed by magnetic lock or velcro.

Light Reflector (Art.-Nr.:1237)

Both sides flashing LED-reflector with key chain or carabiner, various colours available. OEM design and individial print possible.

LUMI Reflector Strap “Safety” (Item No. 4337)

Even more safety on the way! By the additional reflector surface, the safety strap offers best protection by night even when the LEDs are switched off. Three different operating modes are selectable by push button, the fastening is easily done by quick-lock and elastic strap or by button system. Different LED and material colours are available, an individual print is possible.

LUMI Strap “Safety” (Item No. 4336)

A must-have for everyone who is out in the dark! This safety strap with LED lighting is the ultimate security plus during dark season. By push button, two different light modes (flashing and shining) are selectable, high-power LEDs provide best visibility combined with longest battery lifetime. On your leg, arm or wrist, by free adjustable Velcro, you can easily fix the safety strap wherever you like. Elastic stretch material in Velcro combines optimal grip with highest comfort in wearing, an additional reflector features even more security. The strap is available in various LED colours and offers much space for individual print. Furthermore, own material colours are possible as well as customized packing. Delivery includes batteries.

Spoke Light “Budget” (Item No. 4331)

Ingenious and simple LED light for bike spokes, splash protected, easy installation by just clipping it on the spoke. Different LED- and housing colours available, offers much space for individual print.

USB Pocket Lamp (Item No. 4324)

Pocket lamp with storage battery, charging via USB connector. Different styles and sizes, individual colours possible as well as print.

Eco Light “Clipper” (Item No. 3801)

Safety light with Eco-Plus! Works completely without batteries, the LEDs receive the required voltage only from movement power. Simple fixing by clip, different housing colours are available on request as well as individual print.

Dog Leash “Safety” (Item No. 3012)

Dog leash with LEDs and additional reflector strips, three flashing functions selectable by push button. Solid metal carabine and handstrap for secure grip. With batteries or rechargeable by USB. Please ask for further models.

Spoke Light (Art.-Nr.:4330)

LED-module for spokes, multicoloured or with individual text with or without programming function. Pre-programming possible ex works, 4 messages à ca. 25 characters can be stored.

Dog Guard “LUMI” (Item No. 3020)

Safety light with three flashing functions, simple fixing by solid metal clipper hook. Different colours available, individual print possible.

USB Car Charger (Art.-Nr.:4323)

USB-charger with additional safety torch (rechargeable) and illuminated, printable advertising space, charging function for USB and torch via cigarrette lighter. Advertising space starts glowing when charging, torch with on-/off-switch. Available in different colours. NEW: Also available without lamp and with illuminated acrylic plate for individual engraving!

Dog Guard “Bone” (Item No. 3021)

Safety light with LEDs and additional reflective surface for even more safety. Three flashing modes, easy fixing by solid metal carabine. Small writing surface at the backside for name or address. Various colours available and individual print possible.

LUMI Shoe Clip “Safety” (Art.-Nr.: 4335)

Best support for best visibility and safety in the dark offers this LED-operated shoe clip. Simply put it on the shoe’s heel, switch it on and everything is done. By its ultra strong retention mechanism, the clip ensures secure fitting even for motion-intensive sports like i.e. jogging. Two different light modes (flashing or shining) are selectable by push button, shock activation is alternatively possible on request (flashing with every step). High-power LEDs provide optimized visibility in combination with a long battery life. Thorough processing offers best splash protection. The shoe clip is available in different LED colours, own housing colours and logo print are as well possible as individualized packing. Delivery includes batteries.

Flexi Light “Magnetic Lock” (Item No. 4315)

Safety light for flexible use with white and red LED, most simply fixing by silicone strap and magnetic lock. LEDs are selected by push button, white LED is shining, for red LED, you can choose between flashing and shining. By double magnetic lock, the light can be clipped on (i.e. on clothes) as well as simply attached to magnetical surfaces. Different housing colours are available on request as well as individual print.

Slap Bracelet “Lumi” (Item No. 1670)

Slap bracelet with LED, nylon surface and much space for individual print, flexible use is possible due to variable fitting. Two different flashing modes can be chosen by push-button, different LED- and material colours available.

Lumi Light “Safety” (Item No. 4338)

The multi-function safety light offers flashing and steady light mode that can be selected by push button. The LUMI Light is fixed by clipper, for more flexible use, armstrap and necklace can be provides as well. Different LED- and housing colours available as well as individual print.

Valve Light (Item No. 4332)

Valve light suitable for bike and car tire valves by adapter, self-activating on wheel rotation. Different LED colours availble, individual print possible.

Bumbag “Lumi” (Item No. 4178)

Ultra-lightweight bumbag with LED’s and additional reflective strips, an excellent safety gain especially in the darkness. Optimized for outdoor sports by slim cut and most comfortable wearing. Three flashing modes can be selected by push-button, different LED colours availble. Adjustable and broad flexi-strap with quick release for comfortable use. Various cloth colours available, individualization possible.

Dog Collar “Safety” (Item No. 3001)

Adjustable dog collar with LED bar/reflective surface for best visibility in the dark. Three different flashing modes selectable, solid fast-lock for comfortable fastening, metal eyelet for fixing the dog leash. Different basic sizes available as well as various material and LED colours. Great choice of different models available on request.

Bike Light “Budget” (Item No. 4206)

Battery operated LED lamp with flexible rubber band for multi purpose use. Different flashing modes, simple fixing. Various housing and LED colours availabe, additional print is possible.