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Table Torch “Fibre” (Item No. 5127)

Fibre optical torch with stand as decoration element, single coloured or with colour changing LEDs. Stand is available in various colours, offers much space for individual print.

Newton’s LUMI Cradle (Item No. 5213)

Newton’s Cradle with LEDs, singele coloured or with colour changing LEDs, a decorative gift with much space for your individual messages. Various LED- and housing colours available.

Lumi Cube “Chair” (Art.-Nr.: 5129)

Illuminated cube seat with rainbow LED, single colours on request. Flashing modes of cube seats can be synchronized by remote control. Different sizes available, OEM sizes or shapes possible. Delivery includes plug and rechargeable batteries, individual print possible.

Dream Light (Art.-Nr.:5121)

Various shapes available, on stock as ca. 7x7x7cm Cube (this version will be deliverd to you!), rainbow-light, delivery without batteries, 3x 1,5V Mignon batteries (item 1921) required

Speaking Cube (Art.-Nr.:)

Light cube (hard plastic) for individual messages, with or without metallic effect. OEM possible.

Dream Duck, sort. (Art.-Nr.:5122)

Waterproof, rainbow-light, delivery inc. 3 AG13 batteries (spare: item 1945) OEM shapes possible!

Spa-Lights (Art.-Nr.:)

Swimming light buttons with slow motion LED for use i.e. in bathtub. Individual print possible on request. Ploppies for fixing included.

Light Candles (Art.-Nr.:5128)

Small candle with LED, available in different colours and styles. Extra print possible on request.

Promo Cup (Art.-Nr.:5241)

Cup with LEDs flashing when lifted. LED colours and LED amount variable, individual print, also available with sound.

Flashing Speaker (Art.-Nr.:5207)

Battery powered speakers with colour organ. Slot for CD- or MP3-player (not included in delivery).

Radio Light-Egg (Art.-Nr.:)

Radio with integrated mood light, includes FM scan, alarm-clock, calendar (day + date), illuminated display. Different LED and housing colours, extra print possible.

Lumi Beamer “Star” (Art.-Nr.:)

Mini beamer in star design, individual colours and designs possible. On request with radio, sound function, digital clock etc. 220V plug, battery operations also possible.

Wireless Charger “LUMI” (Art.Nr. 4327)

Wireless charger with light-up logo, suitable for all mobile phones. Logo lights up when device is connected to power supply. By included stand up folder, the charger can be used as a nice decorative element at the same time. Print can be either full colour or inverse, USB cable is included.

Frame Light (Item No. 5132)

Battery-operated mini lamp for flexible placement, perfect fitting as reading light or for decoration. Standard model in bulb shape with different frame colours, large printing space for individualisation. OEM design is of course possible.

String Light “Clamp” (Item No. 5124)

Beautiful light chain with illuminated clamps, i.e. for photos, pictures, memos, fan items, etc.. Standard model with rainbow LEDs, 140cm in length, 10 clamps. OEM lenghts and single LED colours are availble on request. Battery-operated (batteries not included).

Table Light “Mini” (Item No. 5131)

Mini display in several standard or individual shapes, single or double colour light effect. Various LED colours and additional print possible.

String Light “Mini” (Item No. 5140)

Beautiful light chain with individual light elements, either as standard shape with customized print or OEM manufactured. Standard lenght ca. 2m (+ extension cord) with 20 LEDs, different lengths on request. For battery use, batteries are not included but can be ordered in addition.

X-mas Ball

Flashing x-mas balls in individual style and designs, with fibre opticals or LEDs.

Mobile Stand 3in1 (Item No. 5233)

Mobile phone stand with illuminated, individual logo, stylus and ballpen. On request with carabiner for easy fixing at your keychain. Various LED and housing colours.

String Light “Balloon” (Item No. 5123)

Beautiful balloon-lightchain with latex balloons illuminated by LEDs. By special valve device, balloons can be deflated for storing, so multiple use is possible. Balloons can also be changed. Standard lenght 4,15m (10 balloons) and 7,65m (20 balloons), special lengths and different LED- and balloon colours available on request.

LED Bulb “Rope” (item No. 5126)

Bulb on a rope, can be used everywhere. Simply switched on and off by pulling the bulb. Different colours available, OEM housing colours possible. Offers much space for individual print.

Bottle Light “String” (Item No. 1826)

Bottle cork with LED lightchain, different colours available. Individual print possible.

Dream Light “Infinity” (Item No. 5120)

Night- and mood light with infinity effect and colour changing LEDs, individual engraving welcome. Other LED colours are available on request.

EL-Earphones (Item No. 1703)

InEar-stereo-speakers with light-up cable in EL-technique, cables flashes to the music’s beat. With remote control for play and pause, skip function and incoming phone calls by use with smartphone. Including USB-cable for charging and a choice of earbuds in different sizes. Various colours availble, individual print possible.

Mini Beamer “Ufo” (Item No. 5150)

Mood light with star beamer and colour changing function. Also available with sound, individual print and housing colours on request.

Funny Torch (Item No. 4550)

Ultra-light mini torch made of PVC soft material with integrated LED (push button), useful on many purposes. Customized shapes and individual print can be realized easily, the torch may have an additional strap, keyring or magnet (for easy fixing on surfaces).

Table Light “Move” (Item No. 5130)

Counter display in several standard or individual shapes, movement is simulated by special 3D effect.

Bag Light (Item No. 4510)

Useful light for handbags with light sensor, starts shining automatically for 15 seconds when bag is opened. For clipping or hanging, various shapes and LED colours available. Offer much space for individual print. OEM shapes available on request.

Bottle Light (Item No. 1824)

Bottle cork with LED for illumination of bottles, rechargeable by USB. Conical shape makes it fit on every bottle, on-/off-turn switch. Different LED-Colours available, individual print possible on request.

Fiber Sticker (Item No. 5160)

Self-sticking fibre optical badges for various uses, i.e. as eyecatcher for POS, decoration, night light, etc., with on-/off switch. Also available with eyelet. Individual print and OEM shapes welcome, many light colours for choice.