Keyring Bulb (Art.-Nr.:)

Keychain in bulb shape, different colours available. Extra print possible on request.

Keyring Torch (Art.-Nr.:)

Keychain with high power LED, available in different colours and shapes, extra print possible on request.

Push Light (Art.-Nr.:4163)

LED mini lamp with push button and keychain, various colours available. Large space for individual print.

Light Badge (Art.-Nr.:)

Keychain with Displays>zum Aufstellen>Schaukästenklight, text changeable. Different housing colours availble.

Solar Mini Torch (Art.-Nr.:)

Solar generated mini torch with storage cell, keyring or carrabiner. Different housing colours, extra print possible on request.

Keyring “Sphere” (Art.-Nr.:4501)

Spherical keychain with rainbow LEDs, single colours and OEM shapes possible on request.

Mini Light (Art.-Nr.:4201)

Mini lamp with keychain or carrabiner hook, various colours available. Additional print possible.

LCD Keychain (Art.-Nr.:4301)

Keychain with individual logo, fixed or changeable, own equipping possible. Different shapes, with clock, morphing or USB-stick, carrabiner or rope. Standard shape with changeable text available ex works. With solar cell, requires no battery!

Keychain “LUMI” (Item No. 4503)

Ultra light keychain with 3D-effect, in individual shape and with own engraving. LEDs in two different colours, various colours for choice. Also available in several standard shapes, additional print is possible.

Keyring “Flexi-Form” (Art.-Nr. 4505)

Keyring made of PVC soft material with integrated LED (push button), best for logo implementation. OEM welcome!

Keychain “Laser” (Item No. 4504)

The big keychain helps you find your keys quicker! Charming design by individual engraving, additional print is possible. Various LED colours available.

Mobile Stand 3in1 (Item No. 5233)

Mobile phone stand with illuminated, individual logo, stylus and ballpen. On request with carabiner for easy fixing at your keychain. Various LED and housing colours.

Funny Torch (Item No. 4550)

Ultra-light mini torch made of PVC soft material with integrated LED (push button), useful on many purposes. Customized shapes and individual print can be realized easily, the torch may have an additional strap, keyring or magnet (for easy fixing on surfaces).