Special Effects

Display Uplight (Art.-Nr.:)

Extra bright counter display with individual letters in acrylic glass. Individual sizes available, 220V plug.

Plasma-Displays (Art.-Nr.:)

Individual display with plasma effect, placing either of original product or dummy possible. 220V plug.

Display Water (Art.-Nr.:)

Display filled with water, illuminated, bubble effect by integrated pump, swimming objects possible on request. Individual design in size, shape and colour. 220V plug.

Magnet-Displays (Art.-Nr.:)

Magnet technology, presented objects “fly” in individually produced displays. Original products may be used on request. Delivery with 220V plug.

EL-Lampe (Art.-Nr.:)

Sound controlled eye-catcher in EL technology, two sizes available, OEM design possible. With batteries or 220V plug.

Frame Light (Item No. 5132)

Battery-operated mini lamp for flexible placement, perfect fitting as reading light or for decoration. Standard model in bulb shape with different frame colours, large printing space for individualisation. OEM design is of course possible.

Table Light “Mini” (Item No. 5131)

Mini display in several standard or individual shapes, single or double colour light effect. Various LED colours and additional print possible.

Display “Speech Bubble”

Writable display in speech bubble style, on request with removable pen. More shapes available on request.

Display Neon (Art.-Nr.:)

Individual display in neon technique, USB- or 220V plug.

Table Light “Move” (Item No. 5130)

Counter display in several standard or individual shapes, movement is simulated by special 3D effect.