Pocket Stick “Multi” (Art.-Nr.:4193)

Pocket Stick with various flashing functions, additional lamp in handle, extra whistle and necklace. Assorted colours, inc. 3x AG13 batteries (spare: item 1945). Individual colours possible on request.

Newton’s LUMI Cradle (Item No. 5213)

Newton’s Cradle with LEDs, singele coloured or with colour changing LEDs, a decorative gift with much space for your individual messages. Various LED- and housing colours available.

Space Earring (Item No. 1507)

Stud earring in different LED colours, blistered per pair. Various standard shapes, individual blister card possible on request.

Flashing Card (Art.-Nr.:)

Individual card with integrated fibre opticals flashing when opening the card. Different light colours available, sound sensor possible on request.

Tube Ring or Stick (Art.-Nr.:1288)

Flexible foam bar in different styles with integrated LEDs, different colours available. Individualisation possible by sticker.

Flashball “Glitter” (Art.-Nr.:1262)

Bouncing ball with shock activation, filled with water and glitter. Different sizes, more LED colours available on request. Batteries included (not changeable).

Laser Light, Rainbow (Item No. 1599)

Great rotation light effect, on/off slide-switch, delivery inc. 2x AG13 batteries (spare: item 1945)

Blinkende Klatschstangen (Item No.: 4341)

Inflatable clap bars with integrated LED, various colours available, extra print possible on request.

Light-Chess (Art.-Nr.:)

Chess with illuminated chessmen due to induction field generated by chessboard. Chessmen start glowing when approached to the board. Different LED and board colours available, extra print possible.

Flashball (Art.-Nr.:1263)

Bouncing ball with integrated LED that activates when playing. Different sizes and colours available, individual print is possible.

Light Balls (Art.-Nr.:5141)

Inflatable ball with LED, OEM shapes possible. Various LED colours available, extra print possible on request.

Juggle Balls (Art.-Nr.:1268)

Strob-Light makes the ball change its colour while playing. Extra print possible on request.

OEM Glasfaserlampen (Art.-Nr.:)

Fibre optical torch in OEM shape, with or without batteries, various standard shapes on stock.

Light & Fun Umbrella (Art.-Nr.:5205)

Umbrella with LEDs for extra safety, three different flashing modes. Individual cloth- and LED colours, available in two sizes. Additional print possible on request.

Magic Match (Art.-Nr.:1842)

Due to a special sensor, the match can be blown out and on. With keychain or carrabiner hook, individual print is possible.

Toothbrush “Lumi” (Art.-Nr.:1831)

Toothbrush with flashing function, stopps after three minutes. Different colours available.

Eco Light “Clipper” (Item No. 3801)

Safety light with Eco-Plus! Works completely without batteries, the LEDs receive the required voltage only from movement power. Simple fixing by clip, different housing colours are available on request as well as individual print.

Flashing Maracas (Item No. 4174)

Flashing mini-maracas in different LED and housing colours, shock activation. Large space for individual print.

LUMI Torch “Tube” (Item No. 5203)

Mini torch in tube shape, OEM productions concerning shape, print and LED colour can be easily done on this item as well as individual print on standard tube.

Shock Light (Art.-Nr. 1631)

Mini Light with 2 High-Power LEDs and shock-activation for flexible and creative use, i.e. to stick, sew on, thread on shoelaces, etc. Different LED-colours available, delivery inc. 3x AG 13 batteries.

Flasher “Capsule”

Flashing pin in capsule shape, with needle or butterfly lock, number and colour of LEDs variable, individual print.

Flashing Frisbee (Item No. 5210)

Frisbee with LEDs and flashing functions, various colours and sizes available.

Tube Stick XS (Item No. 1289)

Foam bars in different sizes, coated in full length for optimized individual printing results. Single coloured, with colour changing LEDs or own choice of different LED colours possible, different flashing modes available.

LED Badge “Backlite” (Item No. 1440)

Backlit LED Badge necklace with individual insert cards (OEM), full colour printed and exchangeable on request. Necklace with safety lock, individual print on the frame is possible. Available in various housing colours.

OEM Glow in the dark (Art.-Nr.:)

Great choice of glow-in-the dark-items, individual print possible on request. NEW: available with fully printed surface ex works!

Golf Ball “LUMI” (Item No. 5214)

Golf ball with LEDs, constantly shining for three minutes after hit activated. Available in white with red, blue, yellow or green LED, other colours can be produced on request. Individual print is possible.

Finger Lights (Item No. 1249)

Ring with LED-beamer for individual logo projection on suitable surfaces. Also available only with LED for fascinating light effects (without logo-projection). One size fits all due to fixing by flexible silicone string. Different LED- and housing colours available, individual print on housing is also possible.

Flashing Sticker (Item No. 5160)

Sticker with LEDs, form, print and number of LEDs are OEM produced. Great choice of different LED colours. Can be switched on and off by push button even after sticking.

Fiber Sticker (Item No. 5160)

Self-sticking fibre optical badges for various uses, i.e. as eyecatcher for POS, decoration, night light, etc., with on-/off switch. Also available with eyelet. Individual print and OEM shapes welcome, many light colours for choice.

LUMI Spinner (Item No. 5215)

Finger spinner with LEDs, fascinating lights with lots of different patterns. Available in many standard colours, different LED colours and housing in special colours is also possible. Offers much space for individual print. NEW: with individual LED text!