Display Fill

Individual display in neon technique with "fill"-effect, logo comes up like liquid that is poured. 220V plug.

Possible customizations

  • Andere Individualisierungen

    We offer many other options to provide our items with features according to your needs. Displays and badges can, for example, have their own illuminated insert, logos are projected onto surfaces by the item itself using a projector function, textiles are given their own individual label, and, and, and... We would be happy to advise you on the options for giving your product an individual touch.

  • Customized design

    An article with your own personal look, exactly corresponding to your ideas, with as few limitations as possible? No problem! This product can be designed almost completely freely concerning shape and design. Our factories offer a wide range of methods for this purpose, from simple shape-cutting to the detailed construction of new injection moulds. In addition to the individual look, there are various technical modifications to choose from, for example the choice of different LED colours or the flashing modes, the way of operation or the power supply. We would be happy to advise you on what is possible for your product!

  • Individual packaging

    What would be the best item without special packaging? Especially for premiums and give-aways, an attractive "outside" is almost as important as the product itself. It offers not only a visual upgrade and creates a positive first impression, but also gives additional space for the presentation of the advertising message. Shops - as an example - also benefit from the possibilities of special packaging, especially if you keep an eye on product presentation and placement. Depending on the item, it is on you: folding carton, slipcase, blister, polybag with or without header card, single packed or by sets - this is just a small overview of the various options for presenting your product even more perfectly. We are happy to share our experience to find the perfect home for your product.

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